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The Princeton Review consistently ranks Charleston School of Law’s faculty among the top 10 in America. The faculty has an open-door policy, a wealth of practice experience in the law, and a reputation for building long-lasting relationships with our students. Our professors will make your success their number one priority.

My experience with the professors and faculty here has been tremendous, absolutely amazing. They have just been vibrant and brilliant. They're well experienced, and they get so excited to learn about the law.

They all have had the experience to share, and that is why, every time you were asked a question in class or outside of class, they were able to give you a practical answer, and they knew also how to get out there and get involved in the specific areas of law you want.

So the open door policy of the Charleston School of Law is something that we really pride ourselves on. It's something that we think sets us apart from a lot of other schools. All the professors encourage students to come and meet with us. A lot of students really feel better talking about what we're studying one on one and want to make sure that they're really getting what they're supposed to be getting.

It is either I email the professors, and they respond to you within the same day, and they made themselves available, either meet with you, or they will answer you a lengthy email, which shows that they really care about the interactions with the students.

There's a lot more interaction, and I get to know my students-- all of them-- a lot better than I ever got to know my professors when I was in law school. We also give a lot of bar prep in terms of a full time bar person, bar prep person, and a class that prepares for the bar that is part of their tuition.

We're always looking for faculty who have a passion for teaching. And what we find is that faculty who have that passion for teaching but also have the practical experience of having practiced law, and I think it better prepares our students, then, when they go out with that legal education to practice law.

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