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Alumni Network & Services

As a Charleston School of Law student, you will have access to a vast network of licensed, practicing alumni in 44 states or U.S. territories. From your first day at Charleston Law and throughout your career, you will receive services and resources to assist you with job placement, continuing legal education, specialized training, law library access, career networking, social activities, and community service projects.

We really have moved from being a statewide law school to a regional law school and increasingly a national law school. We've got alumni in 42 different states. We've got alumni networks throughout the country now as a result of that.

Graduates of the Charleston School of Law have several alumni services available to them, whether it's just upon graduation where they're going to get assistance or preparing for the bar or then when they're looking for a career and they can use Career Services.

Of course, there's also the Alumni Office, and they are able to help alumni touch back base and continue networking and find additional opportunities, whether it's educational opportunities or career opportunities.

So the alumni network really helped me in a way that, when I was in law school, I had a couple clerkships outside of the externship. And I always remember that, when I was out there, when I was in the firm, if I had a question, they would always step in and help me. They would always look out for you, and they would always look out for another fellow, you know, Charleston School of Law alumni graduate.

As an alum, you're always a part of this institution. So free legal services, free continuing legal education are simply just yet another way of our continued involvement with our alumni.

My advice to current students is to utilize the alumni network and the services that we provide. Whether it's to use us as a mentor or an externship opportunity, really reach out to the alumni of the Charleston School of Law. We're here. We're across the United States, and we're happy to help.

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