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Pro Bono Program

The Charleston School of Law’s motto is pro bono populi – for the good of the people. The school was founded with the mission of teaching students the importance of giving back. While here, you will be required to perform 50 hours of pro bono service prior to graduation, though most students greatly exceed this number. Since 2004, our students have completed more than 475,000 hours of pro bono service. With over 100 sites to choose from, not only will you help your community, but you will also gain hands-on legal experience and make important connections in the legal profession.

Prior to coming to the Charleston School of Law, I already had a passion for public service and giving back, and so the Charleston School of Law was a perfect match in what I was looking for in a legal education.

There was a need in this community and in the broader community that we saw people coming out of law school with a commitment to serve. The point is that the law really is there to alleviate human suffering, to solve problems, to help people. Now, that doesn't mean that you can't earn a good living in the process.

But the point of being a lawyer is it's not about you. It's about the people you serve and the communities you serve.

The Charleston School of Law has a pro bono requirement where every graduating student has to complete 30 hours. The school has over 100 different sites and locations for these students to complete the work. And although it's a requirement of 30 hours, the majority do a whole lot more.

There is a need-- a critical need-- out in the greater society that we see the law as a vehicle, as a mechanism for positive change. And we need our lawyers that we produce at this school to be change agents.

Well, there's a lot you could do with giving back, and multiple people benefit when you give back. It's not just the beneficiaries that are getting the legal services that the students are giving, but it's also the students themselves. They're able to see those who are most in need and the importance of using their legal education to help others. These students will graduate and then go out into the community, whether it's here in Charleston or across the United States, and they're going to bring with them that ethos of public service.

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