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Trial Ad & Moot Court

At the Charleston School of Law, you will compete to win on a national scale through our top 25 advocacy program, which just won its 7th consecutive National Tax Moot Court Championship. Competing on trial advocacy and moot court teams allows you to engage in experiential learning and acquire trial and appellate skills to make you a practice-ready attorney upon graduation.

I would recommend the student to get involved in trial advocacy or moot court because they are learning the practical aspects of the law. That's one of the main questions employers will ask. Were you involved in moot court? Were you involved in trial advocacy? They say yes, then they have to step up into that job.

My dad is also an attorney. And he always says when-- law school does not prepare you to be a lawyer. It doesn't teach you how to do that. You really have to learn by doing, and so being a part of this trial advocacy program, which involves not only professors, but local attorneys, as well as judges, allows you to get that real experience that you'll hopefully be having once you graduate and pass the bar exam.

The value that you gain from the moot court program and the trial advocacy program is, first, the tangible skills that you gain from actually doing what attorneys are doing in the courtroom. You're getting to work amongst some of the top of your class and your peers, as well as with professors. You're working directly with them. And they almost become one of your peers.

Because of the students' dedication, because of coaches that are dedicated to providing great training and great practice. And, again, it comes down to practice. Even in real life when they're practicing, that is key when they're practicing law. So they learn that here at Charleston School of Law. When they compete against these historic law schools, they win.

You can't put value on it. I've participated in five moot court competitions. I've traveled with professors to all around the country and been coached by professors and alumni and attorneys. And that probably has been the best part of law school so far for me.

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